Cabinet approved a list of sanctions against Russia

Cabinet approved a list of sanctions against Russia
Photo: Reuters

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a list of 26 sanctions and a list of 172 citizens of Russia and other countries financing terrorism, encroaching on the territorial integrity and those against whom we should impose sanctions, said Prime minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a briefing.

“The Cabinet will provide the list of 172 citizens of Russia who finance terrorism, supported annexation of Crimea and encroached on the territorial integrity of the country to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine,” he said. The premier specified that the sanctions will include asset freezing, prohibition of operation in Ukraine, of broadcasting and working in the Ukrainian internet space, privatization, using licenses and also transit through its territory.

The premier noted that there will also be simple sanctions, such as prohibition of entry into the country.

Yatsenyuk specified that according to the bill the NSDC of Ukraine will be making the decision on sanctions upon the submission of the Cabinet.

As the premier said, the VR is expected to vote on the Cabinet's bill on August 12.

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