Yatseniuk says 'Putin's plan' will freeze conflict in eastern Ukraine


Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has said that proposals made by Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the settlement of the situation in eastern Ukraine will freeze the conflict, the information and communications department of the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers has reported.

"The 'Seven points' of the Russian president on allegedly resolving the crisis in Ukraine are wonderfully reminiscent of a rescue plan for Russian terrorists... This other 'plan' is an attempt to hoodwink the international community ahead of the NATO summit and an attempt to avoid inevitable decisions of the European Union on the introduction of a new wave of sanctions against Russia," he said.

Yatseniuk also noted that "all previous agreements reached with Russia - in Geneva, in Normandy, in Berlin, in Minsk – were just ignored or blatantly violated by the Russian regime."

"The best plan to end Russia's war against Ukraine consists of only one point: Russia removes its regular army, mercenaries and terrorists from Ukrainian territory. And then there will be peace in Ukraine," he said.

"Putin's real plan is to destroy Ukraine and restore the Soviet Union... We expect decisions from NATO and the European Union on stopping the aggressor," Yatseniuk said.

As Capital reported, Ukraine should withdraw subdivisions from settlements to stop bloodshed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

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