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Territory controlled by self-declared republics now extends to Sea of Azov

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Territory controlled by self-declared republics now extends to Sea of Azov
Photo: Reuters

According to the National Security and Defense Council’s open access combat situation map, as of September 11 the territory controlled by the militants and Russian troops extended to the Sea of Azov.

In particular, the towns of Komsomolske and Telmanove are now under control of the militants, and Ukraine doesn’t control the eastern part of the state border in this area any more.

National Security and Defense Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko confirmed to Interfax-Ukraine at a briefing on Thursday that the border from the Sea of Azov straight to the north, to Donetsk, is controlled by the militants.

He said that the grey color border parts on the map to the south show the boundary of the shelling range beyond which the pro-Russian militants cannot reach.

«Our troops have made a stand and are not letting them [the militants] move further,» Lysenko said.

«None of our forces are in the grey area,» the Ukrainian army’s spokesman added.

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Людмила Савченко 15 September 2014, 11:29

Ромчик, пупочек может развязаться, а вместо того, что бы здесь "вонять", пошел бы Донбасс отстраивать....

Poma Pomak 12 September 2014, 12:45

Пора это дело расширить до львова. И войнушку заканчивать . Аме5риканцам еще много дел предстоит по важней чем это . Тем более они его проиграли .

Венька Борзый 11 September 2014, 15:36

Comment deleted