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Power supply was partially restored in Luhansk


Power supply was restored in several districts of Luhansk, reported the press service of Luhansk City Council. The pumping and sewage pumping stations are also being supplied with energy for restoration of water supply and provide wastewater disposal, according to the press service.

“As of September 15, there is no shooting in Luhansk. The emergency repairs continue in the city – the electricians are repairing the city power lines damaged in the shooting; the employees of the housing utility services departments are cleaning the territory of the city districts,” said the press service.

At that, there is still no mobile and ground communication in the city.

The citizens say that the choice of food has expanded. Several drugstores were re-opened as the medical supplies were renewed to the area.

The salaries, pensions and social security payments haven’t been paid in the city for a long time. As a result, people have almost run out of their money and savings.

As Capital reported, there is a complete power outage in Luhansk since August as a result of the combat actions.

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