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Donetsk airport again attacked

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Separatist fighters again tried to capture the Donetsk airport last night, but the attack was repulsed, and seven attackers were killed and more than a dozen were injured, National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) information and analytical center spokesman Andriy Lysenko has said.

"Tonight terrorists made another attempt to attack the Donetsk airport. Ukrainian paratroopers showed heroism and fought off a powerful attack, killing seven militants and injuring more than a dozen," Lysenko told Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday.

He added that there were no losses among Ukrainian troops.

Lysenko said that both airport terminals were under the control of the Ukrainian military.

He also said that that only the NSDC information and analytical center was authorized to provide all information about actions in the combat zone.

"We call on the former fighters and commanders of volunteer units not to yield to provoca tions and not to spread unverified information, which is published by militant-controlled media, and to be more correct in their expressions," he said.

"We emphasize once again that the current attempt to capture the airport again failed, and Ukrainian fighters showed their best side," Lysenko said.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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Михаил Захарченко 07 November 2014, 21:36

Добавлю - харьковский судья провозгласил себя Президентом юго-востока, т.о."президент ДНР" - низложен. а его бойцы - вне закон.. так-то

Михаил Захарченко 07 November 2014, 21:34

Точнее - бандиты ДНР..