Lustration will affect 94% of senior Ukrainian fiscal officers

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Lustration will affect 94% of senior Ukrainian fiscal officers
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If signed by President Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian law purging the government will affect 94% of the senior staff in the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, said its chief Ihor Bilous.

"We are all awaiting the decision over the lustration law because our agency, like no other, will fall under lustration. I can say that 94% of the executive staff will be sacked, if the law is signed. This is another challenge to the whole tax and customs system," he told a press conference in Kyiv on Friday.

Such a situation will prompt renewal of the system, Bilous added.

It was reported that during his speech at Lviv National University on October 3 Poroshenko announced his intention to sign the lustration law without ruling out its update in the event of recommendations from the Venice Commission.

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Ostap Kovalchuk 04 October 2014, 16:11

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Валентин Степаненко 03 October 2014, 17:17

Давно пора менять власть имущих! За цивилизованую люстрацию!