Putin admits helping Yanukovych to move to Crimea

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Putin admits helping Yanukovych to move to Crimea
Photo: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted on Friday that Russia had helped Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yanukovych to move to Crimea to avoid persecution by Ukrainian opposition forces.

“I am not going to conceal that we helped him (Yanukovych) to move to Crimea where he stayed for several days. Crimea was still part of Ukraine at that time,” Putin told the participants in the Valdai discussion club, recalling the days when the key phase of the Ukraine crisis started in Kiev.

After that, the events in Kiev started unfolding quickly and violently. “There were murders. People were burnt alive. Someone entered the office of the Party of Regions and killed all the technical staff that was in. They were simply burnt alive in the basement,” Putin said, adding it was senseless for Yanukovych to return to Kiev under such circumstances.

“Everybody forgot about agreements with the opposition signed by foreign ministers and about our telephone conversations,” the Russian leader went on to say. “Honestly, he asked me to take him out to Russia, and that is what we did,” Putin said in conclusion.

Source: TASS

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Иван Похмельев
Иван Похмельев 25 October 2014, 21:39

А кто-то хотел, чтобы РФ помогла не законному главе государства, будь он даже трижды ворюга, а лицам, свергнувшим его вооруженным путём?