Arbuzov – Elections 2014 should be objectively evaluated by the international observers

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Arbuzov – Elections 2014 should be objectively evaluated by the international observers

The difference of the snap parliamentary elections 2014 from the previous election processes is in the scarcity of the objective evaluations on the part of the international observers, announced Former First Vice Premier of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov.

“There is an obvious shortage of assessments and opinions concerning the registered cases of fraud and violations during the election process. The shooting, armed people at the voting stations, absence of conditions for exercising the voting rights by citizens in the ATO zone should not left without adequate consideration of the international representatives. The official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs alone shows that around 600 violations of the election law were registered, in particular, the criminal proceeding against a head of the district election commission was opened. According to the Non-Government Organization OPORA, the violations of different degrees were registered at over 15% of the constituencies, namely at every sixth constituency. Seeing that the establishment of the democratic principles in Ukraine is very important for our Western partners, the final verdict concerning the organization and holding of the parliamentary elections 2014 can be expected shortly,” said Arbuzov.

The politician also noted that the refusal of using video cameras at the election constituencies, as it was during the parliamentary elections in 2012, became a step backwards in ensuring the transparency of the election process.

“During the previous parliamentary elections all polling stations were equipped with video cameras. The refusal of using video cameras under current conditions may point to the unwillingness of the authorities to show, in particular, the Western partners, the real picture of what is happening at the polling stations, especially in the eastern region of Ukraine,” said Arbuzov.

In addition, he pointed that the voter turnout in parliamentary elections 2014 was the lowest in the history of the country’s independence.

“According to the official information, voter turnout amounted to around 52%. Taking into account the statement of the CEC made the day before the elections that the number of voters would amount to around 34 mn and the report of OPORA, which claimed that over 4 mn would not be able to vote, only 15 mn voters participated in the elections. Consequently, we do not have reasons to claim that the new parliament will be able to represent the interests of whole Ukraine,” noted the politician.

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Konstantin Mostovoy 29 October 2014, 02:26

Я почему-то очень сильно сомневаюсь, что у нас выборы получат реальную оценку, а не какое-то невнятное бормотание о демократическом выборе (особенно с учетом того, какие партии прошли в ВР), отсутствие правдивых оценок сильно будоражит настроения в народе, а народ устал от неопределенности.

Витя Бець
Витя Бець 28 October 2014, 15:48

Нарушений на этих выборах было предостаточно, а вот реакции никакой - ни от наших властей, ни от международных организаций. Странная демократия получается, если все мы говорим о фальсификациях, а нам тут же в ответ о чести и демократии.