EC extends tariff quotas for Ukrainian agricultural produce until 2016


The European Commission has extended tariff quotas for Ukrainian agricultural products until December 31, 2015, according to the Official Journal of the European Union.

According to the report, the appropriate changes were put to a number of the EU regulations concerning the management of tariff quotas for agricultural products from Ukraine.

In particular, tariff quotas, approved by the European Union from April 23, 2014, were extended until the end of 2014. The same volume of quotas was set for 2015.

Thus, the quotas for all groups of goods for 2015 have not been changed and amount to 12,000 tonnes for beef, those for milk, yogurt, sour milk products – 8,000 tonnes, milk powder – 1,500 tonnes, butter – 1,500 tonnes, egg products – 1,500 tonnes, eggs – 3,000 tonnes, poultry – 36,000 tonnes, and pork – 40,000 tonnes.

The volume of tariff quotas foreseen by the EU autonomous trade preferences for wheat are 950,000 tonnes, barley – 250,000 tonnes, and corn – 400,000 tonnes.

As reported, previously EU Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski stated that the volume of trade quotas for the supply of Ukrainian agricultural products to the European Union would remain unchanged until December 31, 2015.

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