Poroshenko enacts NSDC decision on measures to boost Ukraine's defense capability

Poroshenko enacts NSDC decision on measures to boost Ukraine's defense capability
Photo: Reuters

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko issued a decree on November 4 enacting the decision of the National Security and Defense Council dated September 12, 2014 on a package of measures to step up the state's defense capability and proposals to the clauses of the 2015 draft state budget dealing with national security and defense.

The corresponding decree was posted on the president's website on Tuesday.

"According to the National Security and Defense Council, the Cabinet was instructed to urgently reconsider the procedure for recruiting into the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations set up under the Ukrainian legislation, envisaging in particular short-term contracts for military service," the president's press service reported on Tuesday evening.

In addition, the government needs to take steps to restore the basic military training in schools.

"The Cabinet of Ministers was also instructed to work out the best model of ensuring security in Ukraine within a month's time," the statement reads.

According to the presidential press service, in the area of financial security and defense the government was ordered "to urgently finalize the draft state budget for 2015, providing for the priority funding of defense programs."

"In particular, the funding of national defense is envisaged at the level not less than 3% of the GDP per year," the press service said.

The government should also address the matter of boosting the production of military goods in order to modernize the defense industry.

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