Ukraine began to purchase coke from China

Ukraine began to purchase coke from China
Photo: Reuters

Ukraine has begun to import coke from China, reported the State Information and Analytical Centre of External Commodity Markets Monitoring Derzhzovnishinform.

“In addition to traditional supplies from Russia and Poland, in October 2014 the ship with metallurgical coke originating from China, which had the advantage of prices compared with the proposals of neighboring countries (by average 5%), called at a port,” according to the center.

According to Derzhzovnishinform, export prices of Chinese metallurgical coke increased by average US $5 per 1 ton to US $175-180 per 1 ton during October.

The center explained the necessity of entrance of the Chinese product to the market by the unstable situation in Donbas and violation of the production activity of many coke enterprises of Ukraine.

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