NATO nations urge to boost Ukraine support, stand firm on Russia — Resolution

NATO nations urge to boost Ukraine support, stand firm on Russia — Resolution

NATO Parliamentary Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution on support of Ukraine’s struggle for its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

«[The Assembly] urges member governments and parliaments of the North Atlantic Alliance to ensure full and rapid implementation of pledges made so far in support of Ukraine and to consider additional political, financial, economic, material and technical support measures to assist Ukraine in its efforts to protect its territory and to build a strong, accountable and democratic state which guarantees human rights and the rule of law,» reads the document adopted on Monday.

The resolution, which was prepared by NATO PA member (Poland) Witold Jan Waszczykowski, contains diplomatic attempts to peacefully resolve the Russia-backed armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and prevent it from becoming another «frozen conflict».

Besides, the assembly’s deputies insisted to continue targeted sanctions until Russia shows that it is willing to abide by international rules and norms, to undo illegal and illegitimate territorial gains, and to behave as a responsible and neutral actor advancing the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

The NATO PA members also urged their governments and parliaments to make it unambiguously clear that the illegal «annexation» of Crimea will never be recognized.

In addition, the deputies said it is necessary to encourage greater energy independence from Russian sources of oil and natural gas in Europe, as well to «keep the door open for future enlargements of the Alliance.»

«The assembly called upon the government and parliament of Ukraine to continue democratic reforms, including the building of an inclusive political system based on respect for the rule of law, minorities, and human rights; and to demonstrate with concrete actions that today’s Ukraine tackles corruption, clientelism and oligarchic influences resolutely and without exceptions,» the resolution said.

Moreover, the NATO nations called upon the Russia Federation to stop attempts to destabilize Ukraine, to publically urge pro-Russian separatists to disarm, to free immediately all the Ukrainian citizens captured by it since the beginning of the conflict and who are being unlawfully held in Russian territory.

In addition to the aforementioned the Assembly stressed on the necessity to engage in genuine talks with the Ukrainian government on a political solution to the crisis and the return of Crimea to Ukrainian jurisdiction, to put an end to the brutal and massive violations of human rights, including the right to live in the territory of Crimea and the territories in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk temporarily under the control of separatists, and to end the propaganda campaign which fuels aggressively anti-Western and chauvinistic attitudes among the Russian people.

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