Deputy board chairman of Centrenergo arrested

Deputy board chairman of Centrenergo arrested

Law-enforcers have unmasked a criminal scheme in the operation of public joint-stock company Centrenergo, and one of the deputy board chairmen of the company has been arrested.

«On suspicion of committing infringements one of the deputy board chairmen of public joint-stock company Centrenergo has been arrested, and court ruled out to detain him. One of the intermediaries who provided money laundering services for a bonus of 10% was also arrested. Almost UAH 2 million and over $300,000, stamps and documents of bubble enterprises involved in the criminal scheme were seized during the searches,» the press service of Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reported.

The criminal scheme at public joint-stock company Centrenergo, in which almost 80% of the charter capital belongs to the state, was revealed by investigators of the chief investigation department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine jointly with officers of the organized crime control department of the Interior Ministry and the organized crime and corruption control department of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

«It was established that officials of the said company introduced the illegal scheme for own enrichment via getting improper advantages, so-called kickbacks, from businessmen who provided services, labor and goods to Centrenergo,» reads the report.

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