Rolling blackouts began in Kyiv

Rolling blackouts began in Kyiv
Photo: PHL

Today, on December 1, Ukrenergo resumed schedules of emergency outages, reported the press service of Kyivenergo.

Noteworthy, the schedules of emergency outages are applied only for industrial enterprises and organizations, which do not belong to the sector of life support, social and housing fund in Kyiv.

“The main reason of the resumption of the schedules is that the Joint Electric Power System of Ukraine comes short of energy due to the lack of coal reserves at the storage facilities of thermal power plants and early suspension of the operation of Zaporizhzhya NPP’s power unit. The power unit No. 2 was additionally put into operation at CHP-6 by chief dispatcher command to partially cover the power shortage in the Joint Electric Power System of Ukraine,” specified Kyivenergo.

Source: RBC-Ukraine
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