Almost no coal left in Ukraine

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Almost no coal left in Ukraine
Photo: Reuters

The newly-appointed Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Volodymyr Demchyshyn held an emergency meeting. The main objective was to find a solution for the shortage of coal at the TPPs, according to the sources in the ministry.

Head of DTEK Maksym Tymchenko and former adviser to Eduard Stavytskiy Serhiy Kuzyara attended the meeting.

The situation is catastrophic at the thermal power plants, said a director of one of the TPPs.

If oil and gas units are not started in the near future, the TPPs will be forced to shut down and many cities, including Kyiv, will remain without power and heat, he said.

For instance, since July the volumes of coal in storages of the TPPs of the state-owned Centrenergo have decreased to meager amounts: 969 mn t in July, 691 mn t in August, 205 mn t in September, 98 mn t in October, 58 mn t in November.

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Alexey Bondarenko 05 December 2014, 13:34

Остатки в тыс.тонн, не млн.тонн.
Но сути это не меняет. Похоже, нас таки ждёт blackout.