Ministry of Justice still tries to persuade Supreme Court not to prevent the law on lustration


Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko repeatedly appealed to the Supreme Court of Ukraine with a request to withdraw the constitutional petition to the Constitutional Court on conformity of certain provisions of the Law On Cleansing of Power with the provisions of the Constitution and assured that remarks of the Supreme Court would be taken into consideration at the legislative level.

As it was reported, on November 17, the Supreme Court of Ukraine decided to appeal to the Constitutional Court on constitutionality of certain provisions of the Law On Cleansing of Power.

Petrenko considers the appeal of the Supreme Court to the EU on the alleged unconstitutionality of the law on lustration to be unpleasant, and believes that in case the government does not carry out the cleansing of power, the people will do it.

«I hope the judicial branch of government will not intervene in these processes and will not try to revoke or revise the law,» he emphasized.

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