Turchynov – Russia may unleash a full-scale continental war


At any moment Russia may start a full-scale continental war, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov announced at a briefing.

“On the New Year’s eve we would like to talk about pleasant, bright and joyful things. But we need to tell the truth. The war, which continues in Ukraine, was unleashed by a cynical aggressor, owning nuclear weapons. Ukraine has entered the war being completely unprepared, with destroyed armed forces, economic crisis. But we were able to restore our army. We lost a part of our territory due to the actions of the aggressor. The ceasefire, which is constantly being violated by Russia, may at any moment turn into a new war. Russia may unleash a full-scale continental war, we have to be prepared. This can happen at any time, at any moment. The task of the NSDC is to ensure full mobilization of our army and our resources,” noted Turchynov.

Source: RBC-Ukraine
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