Ministry of Justice estimates losses from Russian occupation of Crimea at US $1.8 trn


Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko noted that the amount of losses of Ukraine from the occupation of Crimea by Russia is being estimated at UAH 1.8 trn (US $111 bn), as he said answering the question about the total amount of lawsuits against Russia.

“Now the figure of the preliminary losses related to Crimea was formed. This is over UAH 1 trn. This is UAH 1.8 trn and we clearly understand that we need to take into account the damages in the east of Ukraine,” said Petrenko.

Speaking about the damages inflicted to the country in the east, the minister noted that “the calculation has not yet been carried out, as there is no physical access to the objects to estimate actual losses”.

Source: Unian
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