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Italy's Eni set on developing shale gas fields in Ukraine's west


Italy's Eni has confirmed its plans to develop shale gas fields in Ivano-Frankivsk region, the Ukrainian Environment and Natural Resources Ministry's press service stated on Tuesday.

"Eni Ukraine is ready to continue work on oil and gas projects in Ukrainian territory and is looking forward to assistance from the Ukrainian government regarding agreeing work plans," the ministry reported after a meeting between Environment Minister Ihor Shevchenko and Eni Ukraine director general Luigi Barberis.

The minister instructed his services to elaborate on the necessary issues regarding the commencement of work, and said that Ukraine is interested in the development of its own oil and gas projects to ensure energy independence and economic development.

Shevchenko said that raising foreign investment in the developing of the extractive industry is of paramount importance to Ukraine and that the ministry is ready to provide necessary support.

Deputy Head of the presidential administration Valeriy Chaly previously confirmed U.S. Chevron's intention to withdraw from another shale gas production project in the Oleske field in Ukraine's west.

As reported, Eni in 2012 bought 50.01% in Zakhidgazinvest (Ivano-Frankivsk region). LLC Zakhidgazinvest currently holds subsoil rights to nine unconventional (shale) gas license areas in Ukraine, totaling approximately 3,800 square kilometers of acreage.

To operate in Ukraine, Eni registered the following subsidiary: Eni Ukraine Deep Waters B. V., Eni Ukraine Shallow Waters B. V. and Eni Ukraine LLC.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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