Ukrainian parliament approves partial mobilization in 2015

Ukrainian parliament approves partial mobilization in 2015
Photo: Reuters

The Ukrainian parliament has approved President Petro Poroshenko's draft decree that proposes three waves of mobilization in the country in 2015.

This legislative initiative was supported by 268 parliamentarians.

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, for his part, said that patriotic volunteers should be called up for military service as part of this mobilization campaign.

"Beyond any doubt, first and foremost we ought to give priority to patriotic citizens, who are ready to defend their country voluntarily. Afterwards, we should call citizens with specialized training to active duty in the Armed Forces and other military units," he said.

Great attention should be given to logistical support for all mobilized citizens, Turchynov said.

"We should not have a single soldier or an officer called up for service in the Armed Forces, the National Guard and border guard units who would not have combat gear, appropriate footwear, clothes and personal security measures," he said.

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