Ukrspirt underpays over UAH 400 mln to budget


The Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine, after investigating operations at state enterprise Ukrspirt, has established that the state enterprise underpaid over UAH 400 million of taxes to the national budget.

"It has been established that the improper fulfillment of the requirements of tax laws has resulted in the non-payment of tax liabilities worth over UAH 400 million to the budget," reads a ministry press release, which didn’t mention the period during which Ukrspirt was checked.

According to Director of the ministry’s legal department Ihor Chudovsky, sales of spirits at low prices caused losses of UAH 9.55 million to the state, and the ungrounded increase in the prices of raw materials bought caused a loss of UAH 3.6 million. The ministry said that Ukrspirt employees illegally received material aid of UAH 198,000, and that the director general received UAH 287,000.

The findings are to be sent to law enforcement agencies in the near future.

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