Moscow will not allow new cold war — Lavrov


Russia will not allow a new cold war as it is impossible to ensure global security through unilateral actions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told an annual press conference on Wednesday.

“We will not allow a new cold war, and partners should understand that security cannot be ensured through unilateral actions in joint work,” Lavrov stressed.

The minister said NATO is seeking a confrontation with Russia. “A political decision was taken to suspend cooperation, but this is not our choice,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov pointed out that NATO’s choice for a confrontation path with Russia has proved that the “cold war” mentality still prevails and the West has sacrificed cooperation for ideology.

“NATO has chosen a confrontation way. The speed at which NATO members cut all contacts with Russia shows that the “cold war” mentality has not disappeared and they still view the alliance as a tool of advancing unilateral interests,” Lavrov told the news conference.

The minister noted that the NATO-Russia Council (NRC), established in 2002 as a mechanism for consultation, consensus-building and joint decision, has not become a forum for an “equal dialogue.”

Russia considered that the Council was important for implementing useful projects in Afghanistan and the fight against drug trafficking. “Now this has been sacrificed for ideology,” he said.

Source: TASS
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