Ukrainian PC market dropped to the level of 2005


In Q4 2014 compared to the same period in 2013 Ukrainian PC market contracted by 50.3% - down to 328,000 pcs, according to the message from the IDC analytic company.

At the same time the volume of deliveries of desktop computers dropped by 55.6% to 109,000 pcs, laptops – by 47.2% to 219,000 pcs.

In general, at year-end 2014 PC supplies to Ukraine amounted to nearly 1.12 mn pcs, indicating a 53.1% sinking of the market year over year, of which 396,000 accounted for desktops (decline of 50.3%), and 722,000 accounted for portable gadgets (decline of 54.5%). Thus, the capacity of the computer market in the country has dropped to the level of 2005.

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