Rada ratifies agreement on establishment of Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian military brigade


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has ratified the agreement between the governments of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine on the establishment of a joint military brigade.

A total of 290 lawmakers voted for a bill on the ratification of the agreement on Wednesday.

When presenting the bill at a plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada, Deputy Defense Minister Petro Mekhed said that 545 Ukrainian servicemen will serve in the joint Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian military unit.

In addition, 15 Ukrainian servicemen will be involved directly in the brigade.

Mekhed said that Poland will provide 3,500 servicemen, Lithuania up to 350 for the joint military unit.

He also said that the joint military command of the unit will be headquartered in Lublin (Poland).

According to the deputy minister, the military who will serve in the joint unit will remain a part of the armed forces of their respective countries.

Mekhed also said that the parliaments of Lithuania and Poland were preparing to ratify the agreement.

The protocol on the creation of a Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade was signed in Warsaw in September 2014.

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