Amazon notifies Crimean clients of suspension of service

Amazon notifies Crimean clients of suspension of service
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Largest US e-commerce company Amazon has notified its clients in Crimea about ceasing operations in the region. Crimean residents were asked to delete their accounts on Amazon before February 13. If they fail to proceed with the recommendation, their accounts will be compulsorily deactivated by the company.

In an official letter, Amazon said the measure has been adopted in connection with economic sanctions recently announced by the US government that ban providing services in Crimea.

In February, US Internet giant Google also restricted access of Crimean residents to a number of services.

Online marketplace eBay also announced it wasn't able to set up a full-scale service in Crimea. eBay's subsidiary PayPal announced the suspension of services for Crimean residents as well.

Source: TASS
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