Lyovochkin changed his mind about running in the parliamentary elections

Lyovochkin changed his mind about running in the parliamentary elections
The Opposition Bloc Party is not yet ready to show the faces of all their candidates
Photo: Ivan Chernichkin

Yesterday, the Opposition Bloc Party announced the top ten in its election list for the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada. According information that Capital has, the final list of parties is not yet ready, though in compliance with legislation its preparation ended a week ago.

Working on the list

Ex-premier Yuriy Boyko is at the top of list of the Opposition Bloc (OB). Former Vice Premier Oleksandr Vilkul is second on the list and former head of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration and presidential candidate from the Party of Regions Mykhailo Dobkin placed third on the list.

President of the Ukrainian Jewish Congress and head of the Center party Vadym Rabinovych, Chair of the Executive Committee of the Party of Development of Ukraine (PDU) Serhiy Larin, former General Director of Azovstal Oleksiy Beliy, people’s deputy Nestor Shufrych, leader of the party “Ukraine – Go Forward!” Natalia Korolevska, people’s deputy Tetyana Bakhteyeva (Party of Regions) and one of the leaders of the PoR Mykola Skoryk are among the top ten on the list.

“I was called on to run in any constituency in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast and win, but I decided to run in the OB in order to defend the interests of millions of Ukrainians that should be safeguarded from the actions of the ruling authority that has ruined the economy and crumbled the value of the hryvnia and frozen wages and pensions,” Vilkul told Capital.

Shufrych told Capital that the talks on the joint pre-election project were difficult. “The people who joined the project have had a history of difficult relationships with each other. We saw that voters need a collective representation of their interests in the parliament, not single deputies. Personal and party ambitions were discarded,” said Shufrych. He said that the remaining part of the list of member of the OB will be published after its registration with the Central Election Committee. Shufrych promised that in the next few days the list will be submitted to the CEC.

However, a source in the leadership of OB told Capital that the election list and the candidates in the constituencies have not been approved, though legislation stipulates that parties should have formed them by September 15.

Member of the CEC Oleksandr Shelestov told Capital that unofficially parties have the possibility to revise their lists until September 25, which is the deadline for submission of documents to the commission. “The lists are being worked on. Most likely, industrialist Vadym Novynskiy will take 11th spot,” a source in the PoR confirmed. He said that former representative of the president in the Cabinet of Ministers Iryna Akimova, VR deputies Yuriy Myroshnychenko, Iryna Horina and Yulia Lyovochkina are contending for spots from 11 to 20th of the list.

As such, the former head of the presidential administration Serhiy Lyovochkin will not be on the list. “According to the latest data, Lyovochkin changed his mind about running in the elections. Earlier he was chosing between the list and constituency in the Mykolaiv oblast,” the source noted. Akimova refused to comment to Capital regarding her place on the list of the OB, adding that she will be ready to comment on this matter “sometime this week”.

As a reminder, OB planned to announce its election list on September 14. However, at the last minute the Secretary of the Presidium of the PoR Borys Kolesnykov announced that the party would not be running in the elections due to the inability to organize elections in the Donbas region. A group of deputies that is close to the owner of the Systems Capital Management Rinat Akhmetov firmly stood behind such a position.

Medvedchuk is out of the picture

A source of Capital in the leadership of the PoR said that in the past few days Novynskiy and Dmytro Firtash advised Akhmetov to run in the elections. “The list of the Opposition Bloc is the result of long and complicated talks between representatives of the PoR and the Party of Development,” the source emphasized, though he could not name the division of quotas between the negotiators, noting that the majority of spots will go to former and current members of the Party of Regions. For the period of the elections they will withdraw from their political forces and register their membership in the OB as required by legislation. “The rest of the candidates made it onto the list individually. For example, the Akhmetov team proposed Korolevska,” a source in the PoR told Capital. The source also specified that Kolesnykov was stricken from the list.

Noteworthy, in the process of compiling the list a number of PoR deputies predicted in conversation with Capital that leader of the Ukrainian Choice party Viktor Medvedchuk may join. But Shufrych assured Capital that Medvedchuk with whom he participated in the talks on settling the situation in the Donbas will not be on the list of the OB.

“We are hoping to garner no less than 10% of the votes in the elections,” Shufrych said about the party’s plans. In truth, certain former members of the PoR predict that the party will lose in the elections. “This party is nothing but political games. For this reason it may crumble,” authorized representative of the deputy group For Peace and Stability Vitaliy Hrushevskiy is convinced. According to the latest public opinion polls conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, 2.2% of voters that have already made their choice are prepared to vote for the PoR. The OB was not referred to in the poll.

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