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Expert - Hryvnia devalued due to the speculations of banks and inaction of the NBU

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Scheming by the bankers and inaction of the National Bank of Ukraine caused hryvnia devaluation this week, head of the Committee of Economists of Ukraine Andriy Novak told ForUm.

“You can explain devaluation that occurred this week only by scheming of the bankers and major businessmen. All the while, the NBU has been unable to clamp down the appetite of the bankers or ensure the exchange rate stability,” he explained.

At that, the head of the committee does not consider the statement on the premier's resignation to be the original cause of devaluation.

“Resignation of the prime minister did not influence on the foreign exchange market. On the day of resignation and the next day foreign exchange market was not affected,” he noted.

In addition, the situation in Donbas is also not the reason of devaluation, according to Novak.

“The military situation could not be the reason. The anti-terrorist operation is going successfully, every day the Ukrainian enforcers take the territories under their control. Devaluation could have been expected if the situation was just beginning to develop,” said the expert.

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