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ATO forces suspended the combat actions

ATO forces suspended the combat actions
Photo: Reuters

The anti-terrorist operation forces postponed offensive combat actions, announcing “the OSCE day”, reported the ATO press center.

The OSCE day was announced upon UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s request on cessation of hostilities in the zone of the ATO near the place of Boeing 777 crash in Donetsk oblast. This is for the purpose of ensuring the full time job of the international experts in the zone of Boeing 777 plane crash. On July 31 Ukrainian forces of the ATO are not conducting combat operations except protection of their own positions from the terrorist attacks, said the press center.

The opponents of the central government are not complying with the agreements, according to the press center.

As Capital reported, the DPR’s soldiers mined the roads to the place of Boeing 777 crash.

Source: RBC-Ukraine
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