Ukrainian army liberated Yasynuvata in Donetsk oblast


On August 3, the forces of the anti-terrorist operation liberated Yasynuvata town in Donetsk oblast, which helped block Donetsk from the north, informed spokesman for the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko.

As Lysenko noted, Yasynuvata is still a major point of the railway district.

“Liberating the town allowed to envelop Donetsk from the north and block one of the major chains of weapon and equipment supply for the insurgents. The operation of identification and neutralization of the remaining terrorist groups is now being conducted. In addition, the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies cleared the ways, which connect Dmytrivka and Dyakove villages,” he said.

Lysenko also said that during the day the Armed Forces of Ukraine and insurgents started the fire attacks 39 times in Mayorske, Krasnogorivka, Chervonopartyzansk, Stukalova Balka, Dyakove, Luhansk, Novoannivka, Svitle, Kamyanka, Novyi Svit, Pisky, Mayorske, Zelenopillia, Krasna Talivka and Nyzhniy Minchenok.

The spokesman of the council noted that on the night of July 4 there was increased activity of the terrorist groups, including shootings from the Russian territory. The intensity of shooting at the ATO forces, in particular, from Grad multiple rocket launchers, tanks and mortars, also increased.

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