Yatsenyuk forecasts hryvnia strengthening to UAH 12/ US $1

Yatsenyuk forecasts hryvnia strengthening to UAH 12/ US $1
Photo: Reuters

Allocation of the second tranche by the IMF to Ukraine in the beginning of September and stabilization of the situation in Eastern Ukraine will lead to the strengthening of the hryvnia exchange rate to UAH 12/ US $1, stated Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in an interview for the leading channels.

«I predict that the hryvnia exchange rate will not be over UAH 12/ US $1, when the situation stabilizes,» he emphasized.

The premier explained that hryvnia devaluation over the last days, in particular, the official hryvnia exchange rate weakening to historic minimum UAH 13.365/ US $1 on Friday, is the result of the reaction of the investors and population to the continuing aggression from the side of Russia.

At that, Yatsenyuk informed that the National Bank has additionally purchased US $210 mn over the last period without spending the money from the international reserves, which amount to US $16 bn.

As Capital reported, the interbank closed with another dollar increase in sale.

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