NBU plans to keep hryvnia within UAH 12.4-12.8/ US $1

NBU plans to keep hryvnia within UAH 12.4-12.8/ US $1
Photo: Reuters

The National Bank of Ukraine promises to keep the official exchange rate of hryvnia at the level of UAH 12.4-12.8/ US $1 within the next several weeks, said first acting deputy governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksandr Pysaruk on call-in with London where the international conference Invest in Ukraine is held.

“The hryvnia exchange rate is now UAH 12.4-12.8/ US $1 thanks to the combined efforts of the NBU and commercial banks, and that is a good result,” he said.

“This is an important factor that the military operation in Eastern Ukraine and negotiations on peaceful settlement of the conflict will significantly influence the forecast of the hryvnia exchange rate, but we will keep the rate at this level for several weeks,” he added.

Pysaruk also noted that the regulator increased the sale of currency earnings to 100% as it was a necessary measure. At that, this measure is temporary and will be cancelled when the situation is settled, according to Pysaruk.

“We believe that the measure will be cancelled in three months,” said acting deputy governor.

As Capital reported, NBU introduced mandatory conversion of money transfers.

Source: Unian
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