US preparing additional package of sanctions against Russia


The U.S. authorities are developing a new set of restrictive measures against Russia, White House press secretary Josh Earnest has said.

«The president and his fellow leaders agreed that there needs to be additional costs imposed on Russia for what they’ve done in Ukraine. The European Council has been developing options for additional sanctions. The United States has been preparing our own package for additional sanctions,» he said at a press conference on Thursday.

Earnest said that U.S. President Barack Obama, as part of the NATO summit in Wales, had met with the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, as well as with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

He also added that «the [U.S.] president and the European leaders expressed their very strong support for Ukraine and for its sovereignty and territorial integrity, made clear their condemnation for Russia’s continued violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity through its support for the Russian-backed separatists, the provision of arms, the presence of Russian personnel inside of Ukraine.»

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