Ukraine asks EC to probe reduction of Russian gas supplies to EU


Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yuriy Prodan has sent a letter to the European Commission asking it to look into the causes of the recent reduction of Russian gas supplies to some EU countries, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

«We need to have a clear assessment: whether these were the actions of the operators or the actions of Gazprom,» he said at the 11th YES forum in Kyiv on Friday.

He said that on the eve of the winter it was necessary to draw conclusions, as a reduction in gas supplies in low temperatures could have much more critical consequences.

«There will be a difficult [winter] period, and if it happens, it will have rather critical consequences,» Prodan added.

He noted that in 2009, when Gazprom completely halted gas supplies through Ukraine to the EU, no European company had filed a claim against the Russian monopoly, and Europe had not officially determined its position to such a decision by Gazprom.

Source: RBC-Ukraine
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