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Arbuzov proposes to NBU to urgently take control of hryvnia exchange rate

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The national currency fluctuations can lead to the catastrophic consequences, former acting Prime Minister of Ukraine, Head of the Association Research Center for Economic and Sociocultural Development of CIS, Central and East European Countries Serhiy Arbuzov said at a press conference in Moscow, as ForUm reported.

«I understand the current NBU management. I can imagine how hard for them to keep the exchange rate stable under conditions of unstable situation in the east of the country. And it is hard to say how anyone else would cope with this situation instead of NBU,» said Arbuzov.

At that, the former premier stated that the exchange rate policy is uncontrolled.

«Probably, the difficult conditions has led to the unbalanced situation,» noted Arbuzov.

It is hard to determine the share of equity funds which are in economy now, according to the former premier.

«This time, the devaluation which was twice higher, i.e. 100%, will affect the prices of essential goods and money savings of every citizen of Ukraine. The situation should be taken under control. If not, the consequences will be catastrophic,» emphasized the former NBU Governor.

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Инна Воронежская
Вильям Залога 09 November 2014, 15:08

Наше нынешнее руководство НБУ вместо того что бы прислушаться к профессиональным экономистам скоро само печатать доллары станет, без шуму, в ночные смены и со своими портретами