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Ukrainians purchased 2.6 times less foreign currency in September


In September 2014 Ukrainians have purchased US $264.6 mn more than sold, which is 2.6 times less than the corresponding indicator the previous year (US $678.7 mn), reported the National Bank of Ukraine.

It is specified that the net purchase of foreign cash by individuals increased by 31.4% in September compared with August 2014, while in September 2014 it increased almost fivefold compared with August 2013.

According to NBU, sales foreign currency to the individuals decreased by 7.6% in September compared with August the current year, but its sales by the individuals to the banks dropped by 28.1%.

Overall, during January-September 2014 Ukrainians purchased US $2 bn more than sold, while in the same period the previous year –US $941 mn.

In addition, the amount of investments of individuals in hard currency decreased by US $740.2 mn to US $14.998 bn, according to the NBU.

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