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Kremlin Spokesman Peskov's Response to Putin's Alleged Cancer: Bite Your Tongue!

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Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday denied western reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is allegedly suffering from pancreatic cancer.

“Bite your tongue! Everything’s fine,” Peskov said in response to Putin’s supposed illness, Ria.ru reported.

Last week, The New York Post published a story, in which it claimed the Russian president was suffering from cancer and was being treated by an elderly doctor, citing unnamed sources.

The rumors quickly spread and appeared in various western news outlets however none of the stories were able to substantiate the story with direct evidence.

Source: TASS
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Victor Doncov 25 November 2014, 05:41

Пусть уже издохнет карлик злобный.

Тамара Мельниченко 31 October 2014, 16:09

Бог наказал "карлика" - ЗА ВСЕ!!!!!!! Руки в крови по локоть.... ЖДЕМ.... (украинцы) , я думаю и весь МИР - тоже.... АМИНЬ!!!!!!