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Economist – Ukrainians lost over one third of income

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Ukrainians have lost over 30% of income, announced economist Andriy Blinov at the roundtable on “Life of Ukrainians before and after Maidan – what has changed in the pockets of ordinary citizens?”, as ForUm reported.

“According to the official statistics, the GDP decline in Ukraine amounted to 5.1% in Q3. The decrease of income of the population also amounted to 5%, according to the official statistics. But from the point of view of macro, if you think globally, we will see other figures,” noted Blinov.

“We will compare two figures. The Ukrainian GDP in dollar terms amounted to US $180 bn. To date, we have around US $100 bn of the Ukrainian GDP, except the territories lost by Ukraine and taking into account the black market rate of UAH 14/US $1. That indicates 1.8 times decrease. If you count the population, it turns out that each of us has lost over 30% in dollar terms during that period. We have to speak about this decrease of people's income," said the expert.

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Zol Pti 05 November 2014, 15:26

Абсолютная правда! А по ощущениям в кошельке, так даже больше, чем на 30% потеряли.... всё только дорожает.... просто система выживания жёсткая со всех сторон. С одной войны люди гибнут в зоне военного конфликта в Украине. С другой стороны начинают помирать с голоду. Курс на истребление украинского народа взят и реализуется правительством успешно! Браво, майданутые! Прыгаем дальше! Или на голодный желудок с оторванными ногами уже не так резво прыгается?