Bankers worsened exchange rate forecasts to UAH 14/US $1

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In the third quarter 2014, the Ukrainian bankers estimated the expected weakening of hryvnia exchange rate at average UAH 14/US $1 in coming 12 months, while in the second quarter the corresponding forecast was UAH 11.9/ US $1.

The National Bank of Ukraine conducted a survey among the credit managers of the banks from September 25 to October 14. 65 banks provided their estimates (their share in the total volume of assets of the banking system amounts to 91%).

“In Q3 the respondent banks kept their negative macroeconomic expectations. In particular, the expectations of devaluation (the average exchange rate will amount to UAH 14/ US $1) and inflation (the prices will rise to 15.5% in coming 12 months) have increased,” according to the results of the survey.

At that, the majority of bankers expect the acceleration of the GDP decline over the next 12 months.

The expectations of the banks of the decrease in prices on the real estate, however, have weakened.

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Антон Ногов 05 November 2014, 13:01

Вы дураки! Такими новостями и опросами национальный курс и ослабляется... За такие действия давно пора вводить уголовное наказание, может тогда у особо тупых и болтливых рты заткнутся!