Oil market

Hryvnia devaluation provoked increase of wholesale fuel prices


The drop in the hryvnia exchange rate has provoked an increase of prices of oil products in the sector of the large wholesale, reported OilNews with reference to the A-95 Consulting Group.

Thus, on November 6, the prices on the rail shipments of A-95 gasoline increased by UAH 550 (US $38.87) per 1 t, of diesel fuel — to UAH 180 (US $12.72) per 1 t.

As Capital reported, on November 5, the National Bank of Ukraine lowered the official exchange rate of hryvnia against dollar to UAH 13.497/ US $1, and the interbank foreign exchange market closed at UAH 13.99/ US $1.

At that, on November 6, NBU renewed its historic low of the national currency exchange rate decreasing it to UAH 13.95/ US $1. As of 03:00 pm, the interbank foreign exchange market fell to UAH 14-14.35/ US $1.

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