UTair-Ukraine to refuse internal flights

UTair-Ukraine to refuse internal flights

UTair-Ukraine (Kyiv), a subsidiary of Russia's UTair, decided to refuse internal flights and will return in December 2014 five ATR-72 aircraft to the manufacturer, company CEO Anatoliy Bents has said.

"Last year UTair-Ukraine brought five new ATR-72 aircraft, which were received directly from the aircraft factory in Toulouse, to the aviation market. In December we will return them to Toulouse. So we can say the company will cease internal flights," he said at a press conference in Kyiv.

The CEO said the internal market is not fully ready for payment for domestic flights due to the high cost of air service, high fuel prices, high airport fees and the tariffs of UkSATSE, which are the same for international and domestic flights.

As reported, UTair-Ukraine in connection with the political and economic situation in May 2014 optimized its network, but intended to keep its presence on the Ukrainian market of domestic air traffic.

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