Russia complained to WTO about Ukraine’s decision on GTS


In the World Trade Organization Russia stated that Ukrainian law allowing foreigners to buy shares in the Ukrainian gas transport system did not comply with its obligations in the organization.

«We had suspicions that the law did not correspond to Ukraine’s obligations in the WTO. We have analyzed the situation and concluded that our suspicions were true and Ukraine violated its commitments. At the meeting of the WTO’s Council for Trade in Services at the end of November we stated that the legislation was contrary to the WTO rules and proposed to revoke it,» said Chief of the Department for Trade Negotiations at the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Maksim Medvedkov.

He added that the Ukrainian party replied by saying that it did not think this law was violating its commitments to the WTO.

In addition, Medvedkov did not rule out that consequently Russia could initiate a trade dispute with Ukraine.

Source: Prime
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