Cabinet to raise prices for energy resources to market level

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Cabinet to raise prices for energy resources to market level
Photo: Konstantin Melnitskiy

The government of Ukraine is planning to raise the prices for all energy resources to the market level, announced Premier Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a session of the Cabinet.

The premier said that it is needed to cover the shortage of Naftogaz of Ukraine.

“Within the framework of the Ukrainian energy the government approved a decision on the completion of two units at Khmelnytskiy NPP. We believe that the construction will be completed in 2018,” he said.

The capacity of South-Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya, Khmelnytskiy and Rivne NPPs will be also increased by 3,000 MW, according to Yatsenyuk.

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slain slain 09 December 2014, 19:30

что за прикол с этими субсидиями , это вообще не реальная привилегия ее получить проще ...

Adik Valtsman 09 December 2014, 19:19

Наконец-то.Заждались уже.Мы в Европе.Свершилось.Уряяяя!

Василий Лобов 09 December 2014, 14:26

А зарплаты и пенсии тоже будут поднимать до европейского уровня?

Bender Zadunaysky 09 December 2014, 15:53

Конечно будут поднимать, но в следующей жизни.Даёшь помаранчеве покращення!