Current Cabinet lineup best throughout Ukraine's independence, says Poroshenko


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko thinks that the current government lineup is the best one throughout the country’s independence.

"The first sign of changes was the formation of government. This government, I'm sure, is the best one throughout the existence of Ukraine," the president said at Ukrainian-Polish business forum in Warsaw on Wednesday.

He noted that current lineup of the Cabinet of Ministers included business representatives and foreigners with huge experience, who had received Ukraine's citizenship.

"As of October 26, there's a new parliament in Ukraine that doesn't have racketeers and communists [in it]. There are almost no people from the old government. [It's] the new parliament that has formed a pro-European coalition very quickly. Never before in its history has Ukraine's pro-European coalition had a constitutional majority of MPs determined to change the country [for the better]," Poroshenko added.

He noted that huge opportunities were currently opening up to Ukraine, and all government agencies would do everything needed for the implementation of reform, together.

"I'm sure that decisive and large-scale actions will be able to show that there's no place for corruption in Ukraine. The authorities on the level of president and government already show zero tolerance for corruption," the president noted.

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