Ex-MP Markov placed on wanted list – Interior Ministry


The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has placed former MP and Rodina Party leader Ihor Markov on its wanted list.

The section "Persons who are hiding from the authorities" on the official website of the Interior Ministry states that Markov disappeared on November 4, 2014.

Markov is suspected of having committed an offense under Part 4, Article 296 of the Criminal Code (disorderly conduct and bodily injury). The punishment for violation of this law is imprisonment for between three to seven years.

As reported, Markov, the leader of the Ukrainian party Rodina, was detained in Odesa on October 22, 2013 after having been notified of being suspected of disorderly conduct in 2007. Police said the matter concerned events in 2007, when protests against the installation of a monument to the Russian Empress Catherine the Great were staged near the Odesa regional administration building. Markov was suspected of orchestrating the assault of participants during these protests, and of attacking protesters himself.

On February 25, the Prymorsky District Court in Odesa freed Markov from custody.

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