Finance Minister Jaresko: Ukraine not bankrupt

Finance Minister Jaresko: Ukraine not bankrupt
Photo: Reuters

Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko has denied allegations that Ukraine is on the verge of bankruptcy.

A posting on her Facebook page notes that she said this in an interview with German online news site Handelsblatt as part of the Ukrainian government delegation's visit to Germany.

"We are experiencing a severe financial crisis, and the country found itself in difficult conditions. But Ukraine is not bankrupt," she said.

"We absolutely definitely need new financial assistance from our partners. We need loans, not gifts. Now we are holding talks with the IMF," Jaresko added.

In exchange for help from lenders the finance minister promised an "ambitious reform program" and "a great wave of deregulation." Among other things, the steps of the Ukrainian government are aimed at reducing payroll taxes, bringing companies out of the shadow economy and reforming Naftogaz, she said.

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