Soros arrives in Ukraine

Soros arrives in Ukraine
Photo: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung / Flickr

Billionaire and investor George Soros arrived in Ukraine and stayed in a five-star hotel in Kyiv, Channel 5 has reported, citing its sources.

Interfax cannot confirm or deny this information.

Hanna Hopko (the faction Samopomich), the head of the Verkhovna Rada committee on foreign affairs, earlier said on Facebook that foreign guests would arrive in Kyiv the following week.

"Mr. Soros (always has original ideas about the role and mission of Ukraine in the world) and PACE President Anne Brasseur will arrive in Kyiv. An important issue is the issue of cooperation with Ukraine, including the issue of Nadia Savchenko and the extension of the sanctions on the Russian delegation to PACE. The parliamentarians will elect the chairman of our delegation to PACE next week. The mission Ukraine Support Group will also visit," she said.

"Among the issues for discussion are ways of promoting real reform, financial support of Ukraine, issues relating to the eastern regions, the real fight against corruption (to ensure that EU and U.S. taxpayer money is not stolen)," the parliamentarian said.

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