Head of Ukrainian transport inspectorate resigns


Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers on January 21 accepted the resignation of the head of the State Inspectorate of Ukraine on Land Transport Security, Valeriy Chernenko, Minister of Infrastructure Andriy Pyvovarsky has said at a briefing in Kyiv.

According to him, now that the merger of the Ukrainian Land Transport Inspectorate and the Ukrainian Sea and River Transport Inspectorate is happening, the new agency’s head will be from the new generation.

«Chernenko had no chance to lead this new organization. It’s difficult to say why he did so. He could have come up to me and talk,» the minister said.

As reported, Ukrainian Transport Inspectorate Head Valeriy Chernenko sent a letter of resignation to Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk and sharply criticized the leadership of the Infrastructure Ministry, and the government for populism, a lack of professionalism and for working in the interests of shady businesses.

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