Google closes Google Play for Crimeans due to sanctions


Google is cutting Crimea off from Google Play, the company’s online store for apps, games, books, music and movies, due to sanctions, Maxim Serdyuk, a programmer and resident of Simferopol, told Interfax.

Google is also annulling its contracts to work with Crimean app developers for the Google Android operating system.

«This morning Google sent me a notice that it is canceling a cooperation agreement on a unilateral basis,» Serdyuk said on Saturday.

«We have stopped Crimea’s dissemination and access of all paid content and free applications on Google Play. Developers who are in the region will also be shut off from access to Google’s developer console, and [there will be] no registration of new developer accounts,» according to the notice, which Serdyuk gave Interfax.

Google said this decision was made «in line with recent sanctions against Crimea from the U.S. government and the European Commission.»

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

Source: RBC-Ukraine
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