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Russia cooperation in science, technology impossible in light of potential threat to Ukrainian scientists


The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has said that the cooperation in science and technology between Ukraine and the Russian Federation is currently impossible due to the aggression and occupation of a part of Ukrainian territories.

The cooperation is impossible at least because "dozens of Ukrainian citizens are kept in Russian prisons due to far-fetched political accusations, and today no one can guarantee safety of Ukrainian researchers on the Russian territory," reads the statement posted on the ministry's website on Wednesday.

"Such cooperation on an inter-governmental level can resume only if the Kremlin changes its policy of supporting terrorism and withdraws Russian troops from Donbas and Crimea," the ministry noted.

The ministry also urged all academic establishments of the democratic world to help Ukrainian scientists, "who found themselves in a rather difficult situation, as a result of Russian aggression that led to the occupation of 7.6% of the Ukrainian territory and resulted in nearly a million refugees from Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions."

According to the ministry, over 25 universities and scientific establishments have been evacuated from the occupied territories, however their equipment, libraries and facilities are still in invaders' hands.

This Education and Science Ministry's statement is a response to German Volkswagen Foundation's announcement of the "Trilateral Partnerships" – cooperation projects between scholars and scientists from Ukraine, Russia and Germany. Officially, the project "aims to strengthen [the] cross-border cooperation."

"However, amid long-standing Russian aggression against Ukraine, this is the format of the project that surprises and causes Ukraine's resentment," the ministry noted.

According to the ministry, in fact, the project's goal is to clear the crimes of Russia's regime in the eyes of European and German public.

Thus, the ministry believes that "Ukrainian scientists will show dignity and civil awareness, and boycott the project announced by the Volkswagen foundation."

The Education and Science Ministry also puts high hopes on strengthening international scientific cooperation with EU member states, the new stage of which will let Ukraine become an associated member of "Horizon 2020" programme.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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