Ukraine needs to import 1 mn t of coal per month

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Ukraine needs to import 1 mn t of coal per month due to suspension of the operation of mines and impossibility of supplying mined fuel from Donbas to thermal power stations, announced deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Zyukov.

At that, Zyukov specified that coal will be imported mostly from the Republic of South Africa and also the possibility of purchasing coal from the U.S. is being considered.

He also noted that additional UAH 1.5 bn (US $120 mn) need to be allocated for this purpose.

Moreover, to date, the coal reserves at thermal power stations amount to 2.1 mn t, but during autumn and winter heating periods the coal reserves at TPS should be at 3.5 mn t, said Zyukov.

As Capital reported, Ukraine is limiting energy supplies to Crimea.

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Юрий Поляков 04 September 2014, 22:11

Какой горький парадокс: везти уголь из ЮАР, хотя он лежит рядом. Дорогую цену платят граждане Украины за корыстность и некомпетентность своих политиков, а ведь затюкали в свое время коммуняк, предлагавших референдумы и дипломатические решения, да и сейчас судами угрожают. Увы, конечный результат - трагичен.